Who is the chef in your sketchbook?

November 2024

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Who is the chef in your sketchbook? 
Volume 1 /  Christmas baking

Illustrating your favourite recipe with charming characters:
Easy character design and illustrated step-by-step instructions

Have you ever thought about making your own recipe collection or even a cookery book? In this workshop we’ll talk about creating quaint little characters that have the ability to show you how to prepare some food in an informative and entertaining way!

Firstly, we’ll create an iconic character for your personal recipe. What kind of animal, monster or other creature suits your chosen dish? Does your character have an assistant or a funny sidekick? Is there even a little story you would like to tell?

Secondly, we’ll work on illustrating the process of preparing a dish step by step in a sequence of exploratory and funny drawings. Here your characters may show their hidden talent as a chef or baker! Make your creatures stir and knead, cut and chop, cook and bake, nibble and woofle!

Last but not least, we’ll take a closer look at how to draw a variety of ingredients and kitchen tools.

Using humorous illustrations to explain the workflow of cooking, baking or manufacturing any other products is a useful and charming way to show how things work. These infographics are easy to understand and help to explain a complex work process.

Now let’s draw yummy dishes and funny kitchens, crazy characters and terrific tools! It’s going to be an unforgettable feast!

The facts

  • A workshop by Lotte Wagner
  • Course fee: € 69,00 per person (incl VAT)
  • Schedule: Sunday, 3 November 2024 until Sunday, 3 November 2024
  • Please book before Sunday, 20 October 2024
  • 5 hours, 12:00 until 17:00 pm
    Sunday (just one meeting)
  • We meet online using Zoom, the link will be provided.
  • Min 3, max 8 buddies
    Still 8 places available

What you need

A list of materials and art supplies: You can choose your favourite drawing materials, such as pencils and pens, fine-liners, brushes and ink, markers, brush-pens and ballpens, watercolours and coloured pencils.

Moreover, you need some sheets of cheap paper (A4 and A3) and your sketchbook. Tracing paper or a light drawing board might be helpful too. Of course, you can use your digital drawing devices as well.

Other things we need:
Please bring your favourite recipe for one of the assignments. Make sure that you choose a recipe which is not too difficult to prepare, for example, a stirred cake, a pasta dish, a soup or a stew. We need a list of the ingredients, measurements and a short description of the workflow.

If you can’t find a recipe you like, don’t worry. I always have some nice ones in stock that I can provide.

For the Zoom meetings you need a proper internet connection, your computer camera, some light on your desk and a smartphone or tablet to take pictures of your drawings.

What we’ll do

And this is what the workshop schedule looks like:
We’ll start by briefly introducing ourselves, followed by quick warm-up drawings. Every time we meet on Zoom I’ll show you some examples by other artists and we’ll talk about a few aspects of the main topic.

I’ll give you some handy hints for the process of creating easy characters that have the ability to become the best chef ever in your wonderful personal recipe journal. Together we’ll take a look at a bunch of inspiring food illustrations that come along with a good portion of humour.

Moreover, we’ll figure out how to illustrate the process of food preparation which suits your ideas best. After every drawing exercise we’ll take photos of our sketches and upload them on the internal workshop blog. Together we’ll take a closer look and discuss the results.

On top of that, we’ll examine how to find suitable pictures for abstract terms like taste, smell or time. At the end of the workshop you’ll have a jolly little character and an appealing illustration of your favourite dish.

This might be the start of a whole collection of illustrated recipes in your journal or even the first chapter of your own cookery book, filled to the brim with sweet characters and tasty drawings!