It’s cool to be a genius.
But it’s more fun to draw and learn with others!

As a registered Inkbuddy you can book workshops with drawing instructor Lotte Wagner and other guest artists.

In our workshops you’ll experience the fun of drawing together with others during the live classes. You’ll get personal feedback by the instructors and a lively exchange with your classmates during the Zoom sessions and on the internal blog.

This is what you get:

  • Personal feedback and one-to-one talks with the instructors
  • Zoom video classes with the instructors and the other workshop participants
  • A safe space
  • An internal workshop blog for the lively exchange with your classmates
  • Homework

We offer different types of workshops, such as workshops for one weekend or intense classes that last over a few weeks with weekly Zoom meetings. Please check our workshop programme and choose what suits you best!

  • Funny Fortnight Workshop (free drawing challenge)

    January - December 2024

    23. January 2024 — 31. December 2024Please book before 17. December 2024
    All year 2024, 0:00 until 0:00 pmUpload your drawings whenever you like! One live session at the end of 2024.€ 0,00 (incl VAT)

    Funny Fortnight Workshop – The incredible Inkbuddies drawing challenge
    (free workshop for all registered Inkbuddies)

    Are you searching for a drawing challenge that keeps your creative juices flowing all year long?
    And do you like to create your ideas by using a prompt list and share them with others?

    If so, why not become a part of a lively community and have fun with others who are crazy about drawing! Our Funny Fortnight Workshop is the perfect match for you!

    Lotte posts a new funny prompt every two weeks (on Mondays). This might be either a single word, an idiom or a weird animal. You have two weeks time to doodle and sketch your ideas about the Funny Fortnight prompt.

    Use the internal workshop blog for your posts and see the other Inkbuddies’ results. The internal blog is the perfect safe space to upload your drawings and talk about your ideas with birds of a feather. Comment on other Inkbuddies’ drawings and get friendly feedback from your mates and Lotte!

    But the best is yet to come! The Funny Fortnight Workshop is for free! All you need to do is become an Inkbuddy and create your personal profile and a gallery with a handful of your favourite drawings. Then register for the Funny Fortnight Workshop and go for it!

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  • Masterclass workshop: What makes a drawing funny?

    July 2024

    03. July 2024 — 24. July 2024Please book before 06. June 2024
    3 hours, 6:15 until 9:15 pmFour meetings / every Wednesday€ 359,00 (incl VAT)

    Masterclass workshop for humorous drawings:
    What makes a drawing funny?

    Why are some drawings funny and why do they make us smile?
    What is the secret of creating humorous drawings?

    The fascinating thing about drawing is the fact that drawings can be both surprising and entertaining to the viewer. A drawing has the amazing capability to show the impossible!

    In this workshop we’ll talk about several aspects of the creative process, such as colour, contrast and composition, and tools which might help you to make your sketches and drawings interesting, weird and funny.

    We’ll examine how to catch the viewer’s eye by creating images with unusual and funny content. It’s so much fun to figure out how to make sketches which have a touch of humour.

    Let’s go and fill your sketchbooks with comical doodles and funny images that make you and the other Inkbuddies smile!

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  • Ink-Clubbing – Horns, hooves and horseshoes

    July 2024

    04. July 2024 — 04. July 2024Please book before 20. June 2024
    3 hours, 6:15 until 9:15 pmThursday evening (just one session)€ 49,00 (incl VAT)

    Let’s go Ink-Clubbing! Ink, drink and be merry!

    This evening's topic: Horns, hooves and horseshoes

    Giddyup! Let’s saddle the pens and go for a ride in our sketchbooks! This time we’ll take a closer look at all those amazing animals that wear hooves and horns. These are not only horses or cows, but also cuddly pigs, lanky giraffes and many more! We’ll spot and sketch all these lovely hoofed and cloven-hoofed creatures on our joyride through the universe of humorous drawings. Grab your pens and pencils and take part in a wild and exciting ink-safari!

    About Ink-Clubbing:

    Do you enjoy doing quick sketching exercises? Do you fancy „drawing workouts“ that lead to surprising and funny results in your sketchbook? If so, the Inkbuddies Ink-Clubbing workshop series might become your favourite frolic!

    Once a month we meet for a comfy evening doing some entertaining drawing assignments and take a closer look at a specific subject. Every time we meet we’ll examine a different topic, such as „the day of the dog“, „cats and claws“, „it’s all about sports“ and others.

    I’ll give you delicious drawing appetisers that’ll surely make your creative juices flow and help you come up with ideas for humorous sketches. And, of course, we’ll take a look at some inspiring examples by my favourite artists. We’ll have fun drawing together, letting the nibs rock the paper, having a nice cool drink and watching each other’s sketches on our internal workshop blog, the Inkbuddies dance floor!

    If you like, you can book just one Ink-Clubbing evening when you favour a special topic. But if you really enjoy drawing with a lovely bunch of people, why not take part more often and meet the other Inkbuddiesnow and then?

    More Ink-Clubbing workshops will be announced soon!

    C’mon! Let’s go Ink-Clubbing!

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  • Ink-Clubbing – Unterwegs im Tinten-Ozean (Kurssprache Deutsch)

    July 2024

    29. July 2024 — 29. July 2024Please book before 15. July 2024
    3 Stunden, 18:15 bis 21:15 UhrMontag Abend (eine Sitzung)€ 49,00 (incl VAT)

    Let’s go Ink-Clubbing! 
    Ein ganzer Abend Zeichenspaß in gemütlicher Atmosphäre!
    (Kurssprache Deutsch)

    Thema des Abends: Unterwegs im Tinten-Ozean

    Wir gehen an Bord des Forschungsschiffs „MS Tintenfass“ und werden in die faszinierende und wundervolle Tiefsee des Tinten-Ozeans eintauchen. Wir zeichnen fantastische Schiffe, fröhliche Fische, quirlige Krabben und die wildesten Tiefsee-Kreaturen. Auf geht’s zu einer fabelhaften Zeichen-Kreuzfahrt, willkommen an Bord!

    Das ist Ink-Clubbing:

    Hast du Spaß an flotten Skizzen und rasantem Zeichentraining? Hast du Lust auf „Drawing-Workouts“ die dein Skizzenbuch mit lustigen und überraschenden Zeichnungen bereichern? Dann ist die Inkbuddies "Ink-Clubbing“ Workshop-Serie für dich wie gemacht!

    Ein mal im Monat treffen wir uns via ZOOM zu einem gemütlichen Zeichen-Abend, absolvieren einige spontane Zeichenübungen und beschäftigen uns uns mit einem bestimmten Thema, zum Beispiel „Rund ums Essen“, „Das Schönste ist Unterwasser“ oder „Verrückte Tierwelt“.

    Ich gebe euch zeichnerische Anregungen und Appetithäppchen, die die Ideenschmiede ordentlich ankurbeln und zu humorvollen und spontanen Skizzen führen. Eine kleine Präsentation mit themenbezogenen Beispielen anderer Künstler*innen runden den kreativen Ink-Clubbing-Abend ab.

    Unser digitales Klassenzimmer
    Wir haben jede Menge Spaß, zeichnen zusammen und schauen uns die Ergebnisse gemeinsam auf dem internen Blog an. Unser interner Klassen-Blog bleibt auch weitere vier Wochen nach dem Workshop für die Teilnehmenden des Abends geöffnet. In diesem Zeitraum könnt ihr weiterhin eure Zeichnungen zu den Aufgaben posten und untereinander kommentieren. Auch ich schaue immer wieder vorbei, gebe Tipps und beantworte Fragen.

    Ein Abend voller Zeichenspaß
    Der Ink-Clubbing-Workshop ist ein einzelner, abgeschlossener Workshop-Abend zu einem ausgesuchten Thema. Wir zeichnen viel und pflegen den kreativen Austausch in einer gemütlichen Atmosphäre, gern bei einem Bierchen, prickelnder Brause oder einem guten Glas Wein! In der kleinen Gruppe (maximal 8 Teilnehmende) und im geschlossenen und sicheren Raum unseres internen Blogs können wir Bilder betrachten, Fragen stellen und einander wertvolles Feedback geben.

    Die Inkbuddies-Klasse: Der sichere Ort
    Für die Kommunikation und Bildpräsentation innerhalb des Inkbuddies-Workshops benutzen wir unser internes Blogsystem. Wir brauchen daher keine WhatsApp-Gruppen oder andere Social-Media-Plattformen. Lasst uns zusammen zeichnen und kritzeln! Kommt zum Ink-Clubbing! Ich freue mich auf euch! Lotte

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  • Who is the chef in your sketchbook?

    October - November 2024

    28. October 2024 — 11. November 2024Please book before 14. October 2024
    3 hours, 6:15 until 9:15 pmThree meetings / every Monday€ 249,00 (incl VAT)

    Who is the chef in your sketchbook?
    Illustrating your favourite recipe with charming characters

    Have you ever thought about making your own recipe collection or even a cookery book? In this workshop we’ll talk about creating quaint little characters that have the ability to show you how to prepare some food in an informative and entertaining way.

    Firstly, we’ll create an iconic character for your personal recipe. What kind of animal, monster or other creature suits your chosen dish? Does your character have an assistant or a funny sidekick? Is there even a little story you would like to tell?

    Secondly, we’ll work on illustrating the process of preparing a dish step by step in a sequence of exploratory and funny drawings. Here your characters may show their hidden talent as a chef or baker! Make your creatures stir and knead, cut and chop, cook and bake, nibble and woofle!

    Last but not least, we’ll take a closer look at how to draw a variety of ingredients and kitchen tools.

    Using humorous illustrations to explain the workflow of cooking, baking or manufacturing any other products is a useful and charming way to show how things work. These infographics are easy to understand and help to explain a complex work process.

    Now let’s draw yummy dishes and funny kitchens, crazy characters and terrific tools! It’s going to be an unforgettable feast!

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