Question time!

In this chapter you can find answers to frequently asked questions about booking our workshops and being part of the Inkbuddies Community. Do you have any other questions? Please send us an email!

What is Inkbuddies?

Inkbuddies is an online drawing school and a friendly community for people who love to draw. Inkbuddies was founded by illustrator and workshop instructor Lotte Wagner.

What does „Inkbuddy“ stand for?

Do you love to draw and enjoy discussing and sharing your drawings with birds of a feather?
Would you like to see the bigger picture and catch a glimpse of the drawing universe and all the rest?
If so, you might already be an Inkbuddy at heart!

What happens when I book a workshop?

After becoming an Inkbuddy, you can book any workshop you like online.
When you book a workshop you get a reservation confirmation and an invoice via email. We hope you understand that the workshop fee has to be paid in advance.
You get a booking confirmation after your payment. We send you a link to the Zoom classes a few days before the workshop starts.

I chose my favourite workshop. How can I pay?

We accept bank transfer and PayPal. We require payment in advance.

How do I get access to the classes and the community?

You get a booking confirmation after your payment and then we send you a link to the Zoom classes.

During the workshop you share a virtual classroom with your classmates. The classroom is connected to an internal blog where you and your classmates can upload your work and comment on each others’ posts at any time during the workshop. This blog will be closed four weeks after the last Zoom meeting of the workshop.

All uploaded content will be deleted. But don’t worry! As a registered Inkbuddy you always have access to the main Inkbuddies Community. You can take a look at other Inkbuddies’ profiles and personal galleries where you’ll find other artists’ favourite uploaded workshop results.

How long do I have access to the workshop content?

Inkbuddies classes are live classes. Meeting your instructors and classmates in real time is part of the concept. We don’t record the sessions and we can’t provide access to the lectures after the workshops. Please don’t forget: The blog closes four weeks after the workshop ends.

I’m afraid I can’t take part in the workshop I’ve booked. How can I cancel?

Cancellation is possible until two weeks before the workshop starts. Then you’ll get a full refund.

Later cancellations cost half of the workshop fee. If you don’t cancel in time before the class kicks off and you don’t show up, then, unfortunately, we won’t be able to refund any money.

Do I need special supplies or other stuff for the workshops?

Actually, you don’t need more than common drawing materials, such as drawing paper, a sketchbook, pencil, fineliner, ballpen, ink and nib or a fountain pen. Some watercolour or coloured pencils for colouring will do.

You can work digitally with your iPad or other devices as well. You can use all the materials that suit you best.

Is Inkbuddies an accredited art school?

We’re not an accredited educational institution.
Inkbuddies is a private and independent learning platform for people who wish to improve their drawing skills and search for new ways of creating fantastic and funny illustrations.

May I share everything with everyone?

Alas, no. You’re not allowed to share everything. Please bear in mind that there are rules for sharing content which is protected by copyright.

All Inkbuddies images, texts and materials for the lessons are protected by copyright and must not be shared. Please don’t show or spread the Inkbuddies assignments on social media platforms or elsewhere. It would infringe the rights of Inkbuddies and spoil future participants’ fun of taking part in our workshops.

If you want to discuss the workshop content, please use the internal blog for this. The internal blog is the perfect and safe place for talking about the assignments and other internal issues exclusively with people who have joined the workshop.

But, of course, you may share your wonderful personal drawings and workshop results wherever you like - as long as you don’t talk about the assignments! Your art is your property. It’s fun to share and get feedback not only in the Inkbuddies Community but also on other social platforms!

What’s new on Inkbuddies? How can I get information about upcoming workshops?

Take a look at every now and then!
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Help! I’ve never used Zoom before!

Don’t worry! Lotte made some little Zoom instructions for you.