Embrace the blank sheet!

Don’t be scared of the blank sheet. Every line you draw has its own charm. Just do it.

Where there’s ink there’s a way!

Don’t be afraid of missing the mark. There’s always the chance to try again.

Show your sketchbook!

Don’t hide in the closet with your sketchbook! There’s no need to take it all too seriously, it’s just drawing. It’s nothing more than having fun leaving traces on a piece of paper.

If you have the blues, draw it!

A drawing a day helps to keep your dark thoughts away.

One blot doesn’t make a picture!

The more you draw the more fun you have. Drawing regularly is good practice, it makes you feel safe.
Your drawing skills will improve step by step, you’ll see!

One blot beyond!

Find your drawing heroes and get inspired. It’s okay to look at different drawing styles and learn from those artists you admire the most.

Draw a mountain out of a molehill!

Draw whatever you like. Create your own world by being inspired by what you see and what you think!

Crazy little thing called ink!

Try all the drawing tools you’ve got without hesitating. Make lines, blots and spots! Be brave and have fun!

Birds of a feather draw together!

Share the joy and the doubt, get helpful feedback and enjoy the constructive and friendly exchange with other Inkbuddies.

Let’s go for it!

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can draw today.