Ink-Clubbing – Horns, hooves and horseshoes

July 2024

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Let’s go Ink-Clubbing! Ink, drink and be merry!

This evening's topic: Horns, hooves and horseshoes
Course language: English

Giddyup! Let’s saddle the pens and go for a ride in our sketchbooks! This time we’ll take a closer look at all those amazing animals that wear hooves and horns. These are not only horses or cows, but also cuddly pigs, lanky giraffes and many more! We’ll spot and sketch all these lovely hoofed and cloven-hoofed creatures on our joyride through the universe of humorous drawings. Grab your pens and pencils and take part in a wild and exciting ink-safari!

About Ink-Clubbing:

Do you enjoy doing quick sketching exercises? Do you fancy „drawing workouts“ that lead to surprising and funny results in your sketchbook? If so, the Inkbuddies Ink-Clubbing workshop series might become your favourite frolic!

Once a month we meet for a comfy evening doing some entertaining drawing assignments and take a closer look at a specific subject. Every time we meet we’ll examine a different topic, such as „the day of the dog“, „cats and claws“, „it’s all about sports“ and others.

I’ll give you delicious drawing appetisers that’ll surely make your creative juices flow and help you come up with ideas for humorous sketches. And, of course, we’ll take a look at some inspiring examples by my favourite artists. We’ll have fun drawing together, letting the nibs rock the paper, having a nice cool drink and watching each other’s sketches on our internal workshop blog, the Inkbuddies dance floor!

If you like, you can book just one Ink-Clubbing evening when you favour a special topic. But if you really enjoy drawing with a lovely bunch of people, why not take part more often and meet the other Inkbuddiesnow and then?

More Ink-Clubbing workshops will be announced soon!

C’mon! Let’s go Ink-Clubbing!

The facts

  • A workshop by Lotte Wagner
  • Course fee: € 49,00 per person (incl VAT)
  • Schedule: Thursday, 4 July 2024 until Thursday, 4 July 2024
  • Please book before Thursday, 20 June 2024
  • 3 hours, 6:15 until 9:15 pm
    Thursday evening (just one session)
  • We meet online using Zoom, the link will be provided.
  • Min 4, max 8 buddies
    Still 8 places available

What you need

You can choose your favourite drawing materials for quick drawing techniques, such as pencils and pens, fine-liners, brush and ink, markers, brush-pens and ballpens. Moreover, you need some sheets of cheap paper (A4 and A3) and your sketchbook. Of course, you can use your digital drawing devices too.

For the Zoom meeting you need a proper internet connection, your computer camera, some light on your desk and a smartphone or tablet to take pictures of your drawings.

What we’ll do

And this is what the Ink-Clubbing evening schedule looks like:
We’ll start by briefly introducing ourselves, followed by quick warm-up drawings. During the evening I’ll give you some funny exercises that all of us should be able to manage in short time sequences, including me. We’ll take photos of our results and upload them on the internal workshop blog.

Then we can lay back, look at the funny drawings together, sip a cold drink and enjoy the show. After that we go back to the drawing board again. And we’ll be drawing a lot – but don’t worry! There’ll be breaks and enough time to take a look at the results, and, on top of that, a choice of inspiring illustrations by other artists.